2019 Winners

The festival included five categories: Architecture, Experimental, Landscape, Wild Rivers Recreation Area and an artist Quick Draw. Other awards included People’s Choice, Artist Choice, Artistic Excellence and Emerging Artist. Over  $10,000  in cash and prizes was given out to the award winners.

Carolyn Lindsey Artistic Excellence Awar
Stacy Erickson 1st Architecture _Reclama
Donna Barnhill 2nd Architecture _Morning
Diane Buster 3rd Architecture _The Shado
Artistic Excellence Award
Carolyn Lindsey
Old House
                 1st Place Stacy Erickson-Reclamation Fortress       2nd Donna Barnhill-Morning at Lama                 3rd Diane Buster-The Shadow Side
Ken Requard-1st Experimental-_Grose on t
Jean Kondek 2nd Experimental _Just Color
Marian Jackson 3rd Experimental-_Mountai
                 1st Ken Requard -Grose on the Gorge                      2nd Jean Kondek-Just Color, Light and Darks    3rd Marian Jackson-Mountain Sky and Land
Peggy Trigg 1st Landscape _ Sunset Over
Lawrence Rudolech 2nd Landscape Questa a
Lewis Williams 3rd Landscape Setting Gre
        1st Peggy Trigg-Sunset Over Wild Rivers            2nd Lawrence Rudolech-Questa at it's Best              3rd Lewis Williams-Setting Greyness Afire
Wild Rivers Recreation Area
Wild Rivers Recreation Area
Carolyn Lindsey 1st Wild Rivers and Arti
Scott Geary 2nd Wild Rivers-_On the Rim_
Julie Drager 3rd Wild Rivers _Bear Cross
        1st Carolyn Lindsey-River Below                                      2nd Scott Geary -On the Rim                                3rd Julie Drager-Bear Crossing/Rio Grande
People's Choice Award
Jingshen Song-Wild Rivers in the Morning
Jingshen Song Peoples Choice-_Wild River
Quick Draw
Patty Voja 1st Quick Draw- _Pit Stop_sm.
Emerging Artist Award
Mary Jo Kelly-Morning on the RIo Grande
Mary Jo Kelly Erging Artist- _Morning on
Stacy Erickon 2 QDsm.jpg
Artist Choice Award-Carolyn Lindsey-River Below
Carolyn Lindsey 1st Wild Rivers and Arti
Lawrence Rudoluck 3rd Quick Draw Locked,
        1st Patty Voja - Pit Stop                                                       2nd Stacy Erickson                                3rd Lawrence Rudoluck-Locked, Loaded and Ready