2017 Judges:

Richard Alan Nichols

R Gregory Summers

Winners for the 2017 Festival


1st-Natasha Isenhour-Down From the Lodge

2nd-Richard Abraham- Wild River Gorge

3rd-Tobi Clements- Solitude

HM- Margi Lucena-Reflections


1st- Carrie Schultz-Standing Still

2nd-Richard Abraham-San Cristobal Atmosphere

3rd- Steve Talley-St. Anthony's Pryer Park

HM-Amy Lewark-St Anthony's Church at Questa, NM






QEDB Purchase Awards

Tobi Clement-Devine Kiss-$350.00

Carrie Schultz-Solid Gray- $350.00

Karen Trythall-St Anthony's with Painters- $175.00

Amber Cote- Sun Setting -$25.00


Peoples Choice Award- Margi Lucena

Artist Choice Award- Natasha Isenhour








1st- Amber Cote-Sun Setting

2nd- Skyler Rose-Stars

3rd-Tirzah Schilke-Rocky Mountains

HM- Zia Oberczynski-Morning Barn

Natasha Isenhour
Richard Abraham
Tobi Clements
Margi Lucena
Carrie Schultz
Richard Abraham
Steve Talley
Karen Trythall
Tobi Clement
Carrie Schultz
Margi Lucena
Natasha Isenhour
We apologize for not having photos of Amy Lewark-St Anthony's Church at
Questa, NM