Artist Rules

Please download, print off and bring with you

Wild Rivers Plein-Air Paint Out 2019 

Artists’ Rule List


The following items must be agreed to for participation in the 2019 Wild Rivers Plein-Air Festival. Read and initial all participation rules.

___1. Authentication stamp must be visible on the back of artwork substrate. The entire back of the entry must be visible at submission.


___2. Entries must be created with the pure intent of outdoors, on location, plein-air painting. At least 75% of the painting must be produced outdoors in the spirit of plein air.


___3. Registered artists agree to respect both private property owners (by securing permission to go onto their property) and public lands (by following the use regulations of the various land management agencies, i.e. obtaining necessary use permits, staying on designated roads and trails, etc.). A paint-out list of location possibilities will be provided.


___4. Entries produced using manipulated photographic processes, computer enhances imagery or other non-plein-air means will not be accepted.


___5. Artist name, artwork title, and date should be legibly printed on the back of submitted artwork.


___6. All paintings must be framed and have wire on the back for hanging. The maximum size of the artwork, including frame, should not exceed 30” x 36”.


___7. It is highly recommended that pastels, drawings, watercolors and the like be presented under glass.


___8. All sold artwork entered into competition or display at the Brass Rail Theater will be subject to a 30/70 split. 30% will go to the Brass Rail Theater and 70% to the artist.


___9. All sold artwork created during the Quick Draw will be subject to a 30/70 split. 30% will go to the Questa Creative Council and 70% to the artist.


___10. Checks for the sale of artwork will be mailed after the festival, within 1 month’s time.


___11. Images of artists participating in, and artwork produced during, the Wild Rivers Plein-Air Festival may be used in festival publicity (website, posters, advertisements, etc.)


___12. All artists must fill out and turn in artwork intake form. This form is due at the time of painting drop-off at the gallery; Friday, July 19 at 5pm.


___13. Artistic Excellence Award winner also agrees to release copyright of their entry for use in future festival publicity.


___14. Liability Release: I, the undersigned artist, release The Questa Creative Council, the Wild Rivers Planning Committee, the Brass Rail Theater which is part of the Alpine Lodge, KWK Events and all related volunteers from any liability claims that might arise because of accent or injury to myself or damage or theft of my artwork during all Wild Rivers Plein Air Festival activities from July 19 through July 21, 2019.


Artist Name______________________ Artist Signature____________________ Date_______

Painting Locations

This might change some. We will have an updated list for you at the festival.

Wild Rivers Painting Location 2019

The painting area starts at Arroyo Hondo, 10 miles north of Taos, NM. You can then travel north on Hwy 522, through San Cristobal, past Lama and into Questa.  If you continue north on Hwy 522 you will get to Rio Costilla and Amalia to the east on Hwy 196. From Questa, on Hwy 38 you can go east 12 miles to Red River or west on Hwy 378 to Wild Rivers Recreation Area. Please see map for a clearer view. 



Respect Private Property! Do not enter unless you have permission. The following locations are either public or I have gained permission for you to paint there during the paint out dates. 


Fire Danger!!  Be aware that there is always fire danger. Although it has been a wet winter and spring, always be fire smart! Make sure you do not drive on dry grass because of the possibility of sparks from your vehicle. Do not smoke outside your vehicle. Do not start any fires at any campsite. 


Pests Be aware of the danger of our local pests including, rattlesnakes, ants and spiders.


Take care of yourself: Make sure you wear a hat, use sunscreen and drink lots of water!


While painting at Wild Rivers Recreation Area, please display your pass on your dashboard of your car.


Wild Rivers Recreation Area From Questa:

North on Hwy 522 N 2.6 miles. Turn left onto Hwy 378

Continue to follow Hwy 378 West through Cerro 4.4 miles to Wild Rivers Recreation Area entrance. This recreation area offers the painter strong and wild scenery of Northern NM. Here you will find the convergence of two canyons, the Rio Grande Gorge Canyon with the Rio Grande River and the Red River Canyon and the Red River. The park offers numerous hiking trails that lead to the bottoms of these two canyons, multiple campgrounds and a Visitor Center. 


Cerro Vista Farms-On the way to Wild Rivers you will go through Cerro. In the middle of Cerro is Road crb-039, turn north there for about 1 mile until you come to Middle Road, turn left, go .25 mile until you see a small sign for Cerro Vista Farms. This is a local, organic farm that feeds folks from Taos to the Colorado border. This is a working farm and you will find rows of veggies and rows of beautiful, colorful flowers. They usually work the fields and harvest in the mornings and sell at different locations around the county in the afternoons. Wednesday afternoon you can buy veggies at the farm. They are also always at the farmers markets in Taos on Saturday morning.


​South of Questa

  1. Arroyo Hondo- John Dunn Bridge-At Arroyo Hondo, take B-107 Road 2.6 miles to John     Dunn Bridge. Here you dip down to the gorge canyon and cross the river at the base. Excellent rock, cliff formations and river view.


San Cristobal 8.5 miles south of Questa 

  1. Cool Old House- This is one of my favorite houses to paint. At San Cristobal turn east on Forest Road 493. Drive about 2 miles and the road will angle to the right. Stay on paved road to post office (on right). Immediately after post office turn left on Cam Del Medio. Go about 1/2 block and house is on the right. There is a good pull off right before the house that gives you a perfect view.


Lama- Turn-Off is 4 miles south of Questa is Forest Service Road 29 - east a couple miles, on the side of the mountains is Lama. Lama is an old community most famous for the Lama Foundation. Here you will find sweeping long views of the valley, old homesteads and beautiful meadows.

 Lama areas listed below.


  1. If you turn right on State Road 3, you can head south for 2.9 miles to the Burn Scar Meadow. Great weave of mountains, vistas and low scrubs mixed in with pines. 

  2. If you turn left at State Road 3, go .25 miles on your high hand side is the Old Lama Store. This is now owned by an artist and has agreed to let us paint her old buildings, flowers and fantastic views.

  3. If you turn left on State Road 3 go, north 1 mile to Upper Lama Road, turn right. Go up the road past old cemetery to Y in the road. If you go left you will come to grouping of old houses with beautiful vistas and good parking. If you go right you will be on the Lama Foundation Road with huge vista, parking on the edge of the road.


Cebolla Mesa- Turn-Off 4 miles south of Questa, across from Lama Turn-off…heading west

This is open BLM land with many old dirt roads that wander through the mesa. Great views! The main dirt road takes you to a remote campground at the edge of the gorge overlooking the Rio Grande. Hiking trails and camping are few and rough but fine for the tough soul. 



  1. Army House-On Hwy 522 past the dollar store about 1/2 mile, is historic property on the west side, across the street from the Community Center sign. The building is a long rectangle with shingled roof. On street side it only has a door and a couple windows but on back side has nice porch and dormer windows. Park on the side of the main road.

  2. Romero House-At the stoplight at Hwy 522 and Hwy 38 turn east onto Hwy 38 going toward Red River. Go past Jays Thrift Store and down the hill and past the Post Office. On the right is a nice old house. You can pull off on the dirt road by the pink house. The road parallels the main road and passes right in front of the old home. Road can be rough after rainstorms.

  3. Eagle Rock Lake Great little lake with good parking. East on Hwy 38 at the edge of Questa.

  4. St Anthony’s Church- You can get to this beautiful, restored church three different ways. From Jays Thrift Store, go across the street, past the Visitors Center, past the old white two-story house (a great house to paint) keep on the paved road and wind through the old part of town. After a couple blocks you will need to turn left into the church area. You will see the steeples of the church. This is one of the most beautiful churches in Northern New Mexico and well worth the stop. The village, with guidance from the Historic Renovation committees has completely remodeled it after a wall fell in 7 years ago. A true labor of love. 


Red River Area

From Questa to Red River, 12 miles, are numerous places to paint. Here you will find rock cliff faces, the Red River, camping and hiking to name a few.

  1. Columbine Campground and Trail head- 7 Miles east of Questa on Hwy 38 - Great area with fast moving creek and forest trail. Good parking. 

  2. Fawn Lakes- 9.6 miles east of Questa on Hwy 38 toward Red River is Fawn Lakes. Great little lakes, creek, forest, good parking

  3. Red River- 12.2 Miles east on Hwy 38. This little mountain town offers many painting locations. Grassy ski slopes, the Red River, old mountain houses with ample parking locations. Don’t miss the old school and museum at the east end of town.

  4. Mallette Canyon Park - Across from the Brass Rail by the Edelweiss Condos is Mallette Road. Go up Mallette Road, past High Street. Keep going about .5 miles further and you will come to Mallet Canyon Park. It’s a nice grassy area with a small stream, great rock cliffs and shade.

  5. BobCat Pass- 4.4 miles east of Red River on highway 38 is the outer limits of the paint-out area is BobCat Pass. This is highest in elevation point of the area and has expansive views and meadows pastures.


North of Questa- 20 Miles north of Questa on Hwy 522 is the small community of Costilla. The village offers the painter great views of Ute Mountain and some great old churches. 

  1. Churches and Old Adobe structures- Once you get to Costilla turn left (west) onto Rd 516. This is right before the store/gas station which is on your right. Driving west on Rd 516 and you will pass two beautiful, old churches within 4 miles, Sacred Heart Church and, just over the Colorado line is Garcia Church.

  2. If you turn to your right, before the store/gas station you will be on Rd196 going east. Up the road a bit is the old town square that has many old, interesting structures. Great location-good parking

  3. Continue east on Rd196 for 8 miles to the picturesque valley and village of Amalia. This is a beautiful village at the base of the mountains full of great architecture, graveyards, fields and streams.

2019 Artists

Susan Aamot

Richard Abraham

Kevin Aldrich

Lou Baggett

Donna Barnhill


Barbara Bartels


Susan Behrendt

Carol Benally


Rita Bhasin

Joan Bohls


Virginia Bracht


Judy Burch


diane buster


Jo Castillo

Terry Chacon


Clay Cole


Boneta Currey


Susan De’Armond


Shirley DeMaio


Gail Denton


Julie Draeger


Sandra Elliott


Stacy Erickson


Connie Falk


Diane Fechenbach


Patricia Rose Ford


Carla Forrest


Patricia Fuhrmann


Charles Scott Geary


Carol Gisler


C. C. Godar


Gary Gore


Annette Griswold


Cindy Grossman


Julienne Hadfield


Phyllisha Hamrick


Natasha Isenhour


Marian Jackson


Virginia Johnson


Mary Jo Kelly


Merrimon Kennedy


Jean Kondek


Carolyn Lindsey


Margi Lucena


Peggy Marlatt


Sandy Marvin


Christopher Miller


Audrey Morris-Eckart


Gloria Munson

Joan Norris


Ruthanne Oliver


Sheila OMalley


Carol Ordogne


Venetia Patout


Charles Quinton


Ken Requard


Lawrence Rudolech


Bev Ruiz-Moss


Louise Sackett


Constance Smith


Scott Snarr


Davina Snowden


Bradley Spencer


Diane Stoffel


Steve Talley


Risa Taylor


Beverly Thomas


David Thompson


Karen Trythall

Peggy Trigg


Sarah Turner


Carlyle Urello


Catherine Van Berg


Debra Vance


Patty Voje


Jonathan Vordermark


Marcia Williams

Lewis Williams


Dick Wimberly